Ranger PVP Builds

Shortbow/Longbow "Killer" Build

This build offers a tonne of single, multi, and AOE damage, along with decent survivability.


  • Wicked damage.
  • Good CC.
  • Decent survivability.


  • Not super tough, but not bad.
  • Getting the best damage requires timing cooldowns and maintaining your distance.


Always be aware of the situation so that you can maintain your distance and maximize your damage. Use your knockback, slows, stuns, and pets' slowing abilities to do this. Try to start fights with your longbow and Hunter's Shot to put a vulnerability on your target. Next Rapid Fire, and then Sharpening Stone your auto-attack.

Use the shortbow as necessary, especially when your targets close the gap, but then try to put some distance between you and swap back to longbow.

The Build



Shortbow/Axe Warhorn "Entrapment" Build

This build provides a good amount of survivability, with good sustained damage and mobility.


  • Good survivability when played right.
  • Good damage when played right.
  • Decent CC.
  • Decent support.


  • Requires use of all abilities to do well.
  • Not a lot of burst damage.


This is the ranger build I'm currently playing, and I'm having good success with it in sPVP. This build is all about controlling the fight, and getting conditions on your foes. This is done through use of your weapon abilities, as well as well-placed traps.

With the ability in this build to target where your traps will be dropped, you are able to be both a lot more mobile while placing traps, as well as smart about where you put them. Trap placement plays a big role in how well you'll do.

The other key to playing this build right is flanking your opponents with your shortbow's auto-attack and other abilities. The reason for this is the shortbow's auto-attack applies bleeding while flanking, and some of your other abilities have additional benefits to hitting your foe while flanking them.

Usually I'll start off a fight with the Axe and Warhorn. If it's available, put up Call of the Wild (ability 5), then Winter's Bite (3), then Splitblade (2). Swap to the shortbow (this activates a swiftness and might boon), and start flanking. Flanking can be kept up fairly easily if you have room to move: just strafe in one direction as you're auto-attacking.

Once you're confident that your target has used their evades, hit them with a Crippling Shot (4) and Poison Volley (2). Continue to flank as best you can, and doing this involves intelligently placing your spike trap to slow them up, as well as using Quick Shot (3) and Concussion Shot (5). 

The linked build also contains two pets that I like to use:

  • the Black Widow for its active ability (Paralyzing Venom), and its Entangling Web ability
  • the Hyena for it Crippling Leap and Brutal Charge abilities

All of the above pet abilities slow and stun your opponents, which allows you to continue to flank them and stack up the condition damage.

You'll notice that this build also has a fairly high crit chance. This is because of the Sharpened Edges skill, which causes your critical hits to apply a bleed effect.

There's more to this build, such as mixed amulets/gems and runes, so pay attention to that. I'm still experimenting with the weapon sigils too, so you might want to do the same.

The Build